'Politics of Resentment'

I found Novak's column to be uninformative at best--and misleading at worst.

Apparently the Democratic presidential aspirants in Iowa are trying to arouse voter resentment by shouting "greed" of "businessmen, Reaganauts and capitalists." If this is true I am unaware of the nature and extent of the candidates' claims. If there is any truth at all in the shouting greed charge, why tar the entire left with the brush of two or three presidential hopefuls who express their desperation?

I see the column as a reflection upon Novak, and no more. He identifies the left with people who see only greed in their adversaries and because they do this "the smoke of envy turns over in their stomachs and ejects bile into their innards." Aside from having a non-case for attribution, Novak seems to be supremely qualified to write about greed, envy and covetousness.


Laguna Hills

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