Long Beach : Another Airline Files Suit

Another commuter airline has sued the City of Long Beach over refusal to allow it to operate at the noise-plagued Long Beach Municipal Airport. WestAir Inc. filed its lawsuit in U. S. District Court on Tuesday to try to compel the city to allow operations by its United Express commuter airline, an affiliate of United Airlines.

The suit comes on the heels of a preliminary injunction issued last week by U. S. District Judge Laughlin Waters that orders the city to allow up to 25 commuter flights a week at the airport in addition to 26 flights a week by major airlines.

Waters issued that order in a suit brought by a commuter airline, Quest Commuter Corp., that also sought permission to operate. WestAir's attorney, Judith Meadow, said the new suit was filed so that United Express will be "in there" when the city decides how to divide the 25 commuter flights among competing airlines.

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