Decision by UCLA's Foster Actually Makes Sense

Greg Foster's decision to leave the UCLA basketball program appears, at first blush, to be irresponsible, selfish and ill-advised.

However, Foster's decision to leave is easily understood by those familiar with Walt Hazzard's coaching abilities. The Bruins, at the start of the season, had three highly touted front-line sophomores who average 6 feet 10.

Despite this, Coach Hazzard has created a game plan that is essentially limited to perimeter shooting, instead of devising a system to further develop these players and to take advantage of a potentially strong inside game. Consequently, at mid-season, the Bruins' offensive pattern is one of organized confusion, all three players have regressed, and the Bruins are floundering.

One can hardly blame Foster for seeking a school where his abilities can be properly coached and developed. The real issue here is not Foster, but whether the Bruins will wake up and get a coach who actually can coach the basketball talent at UCLA.



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