"As a society, we simply cannot afford--emotionally...

"As a society, we simply cannot afford--emotionally or economically--to give in to AIDS. We have to fight it at every turn, with every weapon at our disposal. And corporations have every legitimate reason to be out front leading the charge."

--H.E. Lister, chairman of Allstate Life Insurance Co., who, along with other corporate executives, called on the business community to deal with AIDS just as it would any other catastrophic illness.

"Controversy is almost like an adjective that is permanently attached to the airplane. There are some members of Congress who would find a way to be unhappy if we were building a sling shot."

--Robert Anderson, Rockwell International chairman, discussing the formal rollout of the last B-1 bombers.

"The status quo is not an option."

--Alvah H. Chapman Jr., chairman of Knight-Ridder, on his company's decision to close the Detroit Free Press if its proposed joint operating agreement with the Detroit News is rejected.

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