Confrontation in the Mideast

I applaud Kirkpatrick because she does what none of the nations of the world, including the U.S., has done. She got her historical facts together and places the entire blame of the Israeli-Arab conflict where it belongs--on Arab nations. She points out that in the three major wars--1948, 1967 and 1973--it was the Arabs that attacked Israel--that Israel was never the aggressor. The Arab refugee problem was their doing, not that of Israel. Israel has absorbed hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees, but the oil rich Arab nations not only will not absorb their refugees, but they purposely keep them as refugees in order to harass and embarrass Israel, thus continually fomenting this turmoil.

May I suggest that the journalists and TV media can learn a great deal from her article. At least they would get their facts straight, instead of highlighting the symptoms of the Israeli-Arab conflict--the stonings, shootings and killings. So I say to the so-called statesmen of this world--it's high time you get your facts straight and stop condemning Israel. Place the blame where it belongs. Treat the cause of that disease in the Middle East so we can establish peace there once and for all.


Palm Springs

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