Local News in Brief : Board Delays Vote on Opening Prairie School

The Los Angeles Board of Education agreed Monday to postpone a vote on reopening Prairie Street Elementary School in Northridge.

Julie Korenstein, the board's West San Fernando Valley representative, asked for the delay because of complaints from parents over district proposals for the school.

The plans call for pairing Prairie with Dearborn Street Elementary School in Northridge. Students in kindergarten through third grades would attend Dearborn, and those in fourth through sixth grades would attend Prairie.

Northridge parents complained that the plan would separate siblings. They also argued that there are enough children living around Prairie to support a program of kindergarten through sixth grade.

Korenstein said there was no reason for the board to vote if the community did not support the district's plan. She asked staff to review the proposal and make a new report.

No new date was set for the vote.

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