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Discovery of the landing gear and a piece of wing from a downed Douglas A-3 Skywarrior in Pyramid Lake, Nev., led Navy searchers to say they believe they have located the wreckage. A salvage operation is scheduled to begin Thursday, when a special diving team from San Diego arrives, Navy spokeswoman Teresa Bowman said. "They're going to need a lot of specialized equipment to salvage the wreck and some additional divers," Bowman said. "They're also bringing up some more surface support equipment." The plane disappeared while on a routine low-level training mission from Alameda on Jan. 13. The missing crew members are identified as the pilot, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy R. Perry, 35, of Alameda; the navigator, Lt. Cmdr. William B. Stanley, 36, of Oakland; and the flight mechanic, Karl J. Sutton, 22, of Alameda.

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