A Feminine Mystery at a Friedan Fete

Time flies. Yes, it has been 25 years since Betty Friedan wrote her ground-breaking book, "The Feminine Mystique." Celebrating with Friedan here Feb. 9 will be Norman Lear, Alvin Toffler, Warren Bennis, Mayor Tom Bradley and former Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. hosting a reception at Chasen's. It's on behalf of the Institute for the Study of Women and Men--but there were no women listed as hosts on the invitation. Guess some things never change.

CHIPS AHOY--These are the guys we love to see--except under certain circumstances. So everyone is delighted that Feb. 4 is the gala premiere of Paramount's "She's Having a Baby," benefiting the California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation.

First a reception at Paramount's commissary, then the screening of the film, starring Elizabeth McGovern and Kevin Bacon.

The CHP11-99 Foundation is devoted to the welfare of injured, disabled or slain officers and their dependents. Those involved with the evening point out that with the recent onset of violent crimes against CHP officers, the organization "has emerged as a very important fund-raising entity whose ability to provide immediate assistance to such families has been invaluable."

MODEL EVENT--Burt Reynolds is the honorary chairman and the host committee includes Ricardo Montalban, Tony Thomopoulos and his pretty wife Cristina Ferrare, our very favorite Abigail Van Buren Phillips, Catherine Oxenberg and George Hamilton.

The evening on Monday will be a salute to Nina Blanchard and a benefit for the American Cancer Society at the Beverly Hilton--and includes a fashion show by Nordstrom. (Just perfect, since the Nina Blanchard Agency for 26 years has represented top models here on the West Coast.)

FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME--It's been about 10 years since a minister of culture from the Soviet Union visited the United States. This week that changes when Dr. Armand Hammer brings Minister Vasily Zakharov to the West Coast. Zakharov will arrive here from Washington Thursday, for a schedule that includes visits to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (yes, that's right), the Music Center for a performance by Isaac Stern, Disneyland and an Occidental dinner. Zakharov couldn't have a better host.

POST SUPER BOWL--OK, so it doesn't have the drama. It will have a Rozelle. Only it's Carrie Rozelle who will be at the Torie Steele Boutique Monday afternoon for tea and fashions, all to benefit the Foundation for Children for Learning Disabilities.

WELCOME WAGON--Ad-master Jay Chiat is moving his firm Chiat/Day to Venice, to be welcomed by Assemblyman Tom Hayden (D-Santa Monica) and other Establishment types at a party today.

BEHIND CLOSED GATES--Nobody usually gets into the secluded and heavily guarded home of singer Michael Jackson. But on April 10, Jackson will give over his home to his friend, San Francisco's Lia Belli, who has invited other Jackson buddies like Bill Cosby, Kirk Douglas, David Geffen and Diana Ross to an art auction to benefit the South African Council of Churches. Details will be announced this week.

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