40 Lashes! (Wink)

If fluttering your eyelashes fails to achieve the desired effect--getting your way--maybe your eyelashes just aren't fake enough. That's right--fake. False eyelashes are back.

Rohanne Descy, an actress and former model, wears false eyelashes day and night. "The more false the look, the better for me. I've always liked that '60s look," said Descy, who wears her carrot-colored hair long and straight in typical '60s fashion.

In addition to false eyelashes on her eyelid, Descy sometimes thickly applies liquid eyeliner under the eye and then draws a little Egyptian hook that angles up from the outer corner of the eye. "It's a very precise, mod-ish look," she said.

"Plus," said Descy, "I hate wearing eye shadow. It just doesn't suit me. This is one way to emphasize your eyes without makeup. My eyebrows grow too close to my eyes for eye shadow."

Geri Cuzensa of the Sebastian Beauty Institute in Woodland Hills agrees that false eyelashes should be worn with little or no eye shadow, but she prefers to apply the lashes one at a time. "They go on horizontally and tilt outward. It's more of an Asian or Oriental influence rather than a '60s look. The rest of the eye is very nude."

Descy's medicine cabinet is crammed with boxes of false eyelashes. "I kind of collect them," she said. "More subtle lashes for day, and double lashes for night. Of course, heavy lashes with no makeup for day can be a really wonderful look, too." All the lashes are slightly different, to suit Descy's varying moods. At about $3 a pack, she uses each set 10 to 15 times. "When they get really sad looking, I throw them out."

Descy said some men are impressed by her lashes, but for the wrong reason. "They'll say, 'My God! I can't believe you've got such long eyelashes!' If they're silly enough to believe they're real, I don't tell them," she said.

False eyelashes are not for everyone. Carol Nass, a friend of Descy's, said, "My eyes are just too large for that look. When I wear false eyelashes, I look like Carol Channing. I look like I'm about to sing 'Hello, Dolly.' "

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