Royal FanfareWe're invited to lunch at Bullocks...

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Royal Fanfare

We're invited to lunch at Bullocks Wilshire on Feb. 29. But the drawing card this time is not our usual favorite, the spectacular chicken salad. No, it's Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of York, who'll visit the stately store's special exhibits of English wares as part of the UK/LA arts festival. BW' spokesperson Shirley Wilson tells us that all luncheon guests will be placed in special "people pods," where we'll be able to chat with Andy and Fergie as they waft by on their tour of the store. Then, it's into the tearoom to sup "in the gracious presence of their Royal Highnesses," to use the words of the official invitation. Wilson says the invitations, which were printed in London, are "such popular mementos that we have to hide them or they'll disappear before we get to mail them out."

One for the Books

If you're one of those people whose photograph is hanging on the walls of the Giorgio boutique on Rodeo Drive, you may be hearing from Steve Ginsberg, Los Angeles bureau chief of Women's Wear Daily. Ginsberg is currently at work on a tome for Warner Books chronicling the Giorgio phenomenon, both the shop and the fragrance. "It's a Horatio Alger story, it's a fashion story, it's a fragrance story and it's a Beverly Hills story," Ginsberg says. Though the book is unauthorized, Giorgio creators Fred and Gale Hayman are both talking. A late-'89 release date is anticipated.

Farrah's Rosy Outlook

Betsy Johnson's "All Over Roses" dress will be in the stores by April, but Farrah Fawcett couldn't wait. She received hers last week by mail; short, tight, white and covered with enormous--you guessed it--roses (in every color under the sun). Though her mini-series, "Poor Little Rich Girl," won a Golden Globe award just last week, Farrah isn't resting on her laurels. She has just started shooting a new movie, "See You in the Morning." Anyone who can juggle companion Ryan O'Neal, a baby, a blossoming career and still fit into that teeny size deserves to spend $300 on a flowered dress.

Not Much Legroom

How many celebrities can fit in the Fogal shop? It's not much bigger than a phone booth, but that didn't stop Paulina Porizkova, Mary Tyler Moore, Linda Gray, Leigh Taylor-Young and a mysterious Saudi Arabian princess from stocking up. Store owner Joan Wills says the princess bought a dozen pairs of slipper socks, all in the same size, at $100 a pair. "Dallas" stars Gray and Taylor-Young wanted daytime sheers, Moore took home bright-color wool socks to wear with trousers. And Porizkova, the smoky Czech model turned actress (she's in the movie "Anna"), bought black fishnets with embroidered bows at the thighs, for $80. "They'll last a whole year," Wills says.

Lacroix or Not Lacroix

That's right, ski fans. Genuine, French-made Lacroix skis have been spotted at Vail West, in Beverly Hills, in absolutely smashing color combinations. They're so futuristic that some pairs don't even match, as in: one ski is red and white, the other black and yellow. Another pair is the prettiest silver and pink all over. Anyway, we were disappointed to learn from shop owner Jeff Wilk that ski designer Lacroix has the first name of Leo, and is no relation to Christian Lacroix of dress-designing fame. Leo was a famous down-hill racer, a personal technician to champion, Jean-Claude Killy, and started making his own skis after the 1968 Olympics. Wilk also tells us that Barry Diller, Kate Jackson and Annette (Mrs. Peter) O'Malley are among his customers who own this brand.

A Colorful Super Bowl

Listen can't be bribed and doesn't take bets, but with the big game coming up Sunday--Super Bowl XXII--our predictions are in: Denver by as many orange jerseys as you can count on the field. Listen may not know who has the better quarterback or tight end, but we are steeped in the psychology of color. And orange has the power over white, so it's Denver by orange.

Coffee Table Fashion

We now have word on the ultimate coffee table tome for Italian-fashion lovers. Actually, it's a two-book set, called "Italian Fashion," to be published by Rizzoli, New York, in March. It's $250 for the set, which includes more than 700 illustrations (250 of them in color), plus the complete history of Italian apparel since World War II.

Haircut by the Numbers

Anne Bancroft dropped in for the usual at the Allen Edwards salon in Beverly Hills. "She's been letting her hair grow long and perming it," Edwards says. But not anymore. As of Jan. 21, Bancroft has a short geometric cut: above the ear on one side, cut to about the middle of the ear on the other, where it is slightly waved "She looks great" Edwards assures us. "Everyone flipped over it." Not only that, the sultry, sexy actress is now in the avant-garde. "Geometric cuts are coming in strong for summer," according to her hairdresser.

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