THE SEQUEL : Fit to Air

Outtakes happened across a promo for advertisers detailing plans for a weekly "reader-friendly" TV-listings magazine at the New York Times. It's called, simply, Television, to debut March 6.

A spokesman for the Times confirmed the pitch for advertisers, but declined to confirm the new section or the premiere date--except to note that, yes, "a new TV book is in development" and plans will be announced shortly.

The promo crows that the new full-color section will be "one of the most comprehensive TV guides in the country." The magazine editorial will be devoted to various listings, including capsule reviews of movies on TV by Times critics. The Times currently puts out the black-and-white Guide tabloid.

Sources report that Mobil Oil already has bought two full pages of color ads in the section--at about $20,000 a week--for an entire year, to promote PBS' weekly "Masterpiece Theater" series.

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