Swapping Principals

Education is beginning to emulate the sports world, as it is now making trades.

On Jan. 12, Newport Harbor and Corona del Mar high schools made a one-for-one swap, with Principal Tom Jacobson going to Corona del Mar and Principal Dennis Evans heading to Newport Harbor in a straight "player" transaction with no cash involved.

Apparently the fans, who in this case are the students and parents affiliated with the schools, and the other team members, the teachers, were not enamored by the switch. Several hundred students voiced displeasure.

In fact, in meetings held before the swap, widespread opposition was raised, but the school board went ahead with it anyway. No reasonable explanation was given for the move, other than that it was "time for a change," whatever that means.

Maybe the principals should counter this management tactic and make a move of their own by declaring their free agency. And the fans could boycott the games, ah-er-classes?



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