Hawaiian Gardens : 7 Challenge 3 Incumbents

Three incumbents will compete with seven challengers for seats on the Hawaiian Gardens City Council in the April 12 municipal election.

Council members Richard O. Vineyard, 63, a muffler shop owner, and Rosalie M. Sher, 68, an attorney, are seeking their second terms on the council. Councilman Venn W. Furgeson, 76, will be seeking his sixth term.

Among the challengers is former Hawaiian Gardens mayor Lupe Cabrera, 54, a retired grocery store owner. Others are Virginia Marie Lee, 65, owner of a paint supply store; Ismael Moreno, 23, program director of the Girls Club of Pasadena; Helen Mary (Lennie) Wagner, 63, a retired schoolteacher; Mary Corrales, 39, a homemaker; Glenn Burner, 55, a worker at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard, and Randal K. Black, 25, a florist.