JTN Slates Call-In Show About Israel Violence

Responding to what it calls “the pain, confusion and distress” that the current turmoil in Israel’s West Bank and Gaza Strip has generated among Jews in the Los Angeles area, the Jewish Television Network will air a call-in talk show with prominent Israelis Sunday at 8 p.m.

Appearing on “JTN On-Line: Israel Under Fire,” the first of several proposed interactive programs on the cable TV network, will be Rony Milo, a member of Israel’s Knesset and acting minister of the interior; Ze’ev Schiff, defense editor of Haaretz, one of Israel’s leading daily newspapers, and David Ricci, professor of political science at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The Jewish Television Network has brought them from Israel to discuss the violence between Arabs and Jews and to field questions from viewers. The program also will feature news footage from Israeli television and archival film detailing the evolution of Arab nationalism.

“The show will provide a way for the community to explore feelings and to obtain a perspective on the issues affecting the continuing and most recent actions in the region,” said Howard Miller, executive producer and moderator of the program.


Founded in 1981, the Jewish Television Network is available to 300,000 subscribers on four local cable systems--American Cable Systems (Channel 37), Century Cable (Channel 10), Cablevision (Channel 65J/57Z) and United Cable (Channel 51).

It broadcasts two hours of programming five nights a week, including shows on cooking, public affairs, religion and the arts, documentaries and programs for children. The network produces 20% of its programming locally and purchases the rest from Israel, independent producers and other Jewish channels around the country.

Another upcoming program--"Community L.A."-- airing Wednesday evening will broadcast a tribute to the 125th anniversary of Wilshire Boulevard Temple.

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