TV RATINGS : Few Vote for N. H. Primary

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For a report on the week's top television shows, see the article on Page 1 and the chart on Page 4.

For food for thought, however, note that the important New Hampshire presidential primary--arguably the most publicized television event of the week or, even, the year--did not exactly set the national network audience on the edge of its lounge chairs. NBC's special prime-time coverage (the only such network program) ranked 55th for the week. The election special did manage to beat out one program, however: CBS' much-touted "48 Hours" series, which, not coincidentially, was about life on the campaign trail.

Show Points Share Week 1. 1988 Winter Olympics (Tues.) 25.5 39 2/21 (ABC) (special) 2. The Cosby Show 23.6 35 2/21 (NBC) 3. 1988 Winter Olympics (Sat.) 21.3 36 2/21 (ABC) (special) 4. A Different World 20.3 30 2/21 (NBC) 5. 60 Minutes 20.2 32 2/21 (CBS) Decision '88: New Hampshire 5.4 9 2/21 (NBC News) (special)

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