My Life as a Director

Oscar-nominated director Lasse Hallstrom (“My Life as a Dog”) has plenty to keep him busy before the Big Night rolls around April 11. Like . . . filming a half-hour comedy pilot titled “The Big Five.” The theme’s somewhat reminiscent of “Stand By Me"--camaraderie and the ties that bind--according to a rep at WEG.

The characters:

Jeff, 10, the “conscience of the group,” who frequently talks family and friends into “starring” in his video productions.

Randy, 8, Jeff’s brother, an innocent who asks lots of questions, tells the truth, tags around with the family mutt and misses his deceased mom.


Gary, 10, kinda tough. Has poor relationships with his family and a feeling that the world’s not in his corner. But he’s got this sensitive side. . . .

Mike, 10, positive, gregarious, goofy, always looking for that next challenge.

Linda, 9, nicknamed “Scotty,” a tomboy who’d like to be one of the guys. Brainy and tough, not afraid to use her mitts.

Casting gets underway shortly, with filming to begin in late March.