Column Gets These Hockey Fans Fighting Mad

When it became known that an NHL coach had screamed at and allegedly pushed a referee, I waited for the eventual Scott Ostler column denigrating the violence in hockey.

Ostler’s hockey columns are legendary among fans. His lack of knowledge is exceeded solely by the paucity of factual information. Tuesday’s column was no exception. Granted, attacking Ostler’s column is like walking into an unguarded bank vault: There’s so much to choose from and it’s so damn easy.

NHL President John Ziegler is soft on violence as Ostler states, but not because of ignorance. The NHL averaged 1,300 more fans per game in the regular season than the NBA, so he is doing something right.

He concludes his uneducated account with the thought that small kids beat up one another in emulation of the pros. Ostler couldn’t be farther from the truth. The kids I teach abhor violence as much as I do and fighting is not an issue in their games or mine.


All that Ostler knows is that sometimes incidents occur that demean the sport of hockey and he feels that it is his job to report them.


Los Angeles