Williams Says He May Stay at Maryland

Brad Luster describes his friend, Brian Williams, the potential-filled 6-foot 10-inch center at the University of Maryland, as impressionable. So, when about 100 people held a rally outside his dormitory room Wednesday and 260 signed a petition in hopes of convincing him not to transfer, it made an impression.

How much?

Williams now says, in an interview with the Baltimore Sun, "There's always the possibility of reconsidering" his decision to transfer after one year at College Park, Md. The former All-Southern Section pick at St. Monica High School in Santa Monica, who said recently he would attend summer school at UCLA, said discussions with Coach Bob Wade and the support shown by fellow students have made his decision to leave Maryland tougher than expected.

He emphasized Thursday that he hasn't changed his mind to transfer, but the the door is open to return.

"Yes, the door is cracked," he told the Sun.

Last Wednesday, Williams said, "It is definite that I'm going to transfer" because of what he saw as a lack of growth and progress under Wade.

Luster, named by the Washington Post as one of the subjects in a possible National Collegiate Athletic Assn. investigation into schools tampering with Williams before he was released by Maryland, said Friday that Williams has been unhappy "for many months" and that the decision to transfer came as no surprise. The two spoke Friday morning, when Williams called.

Williams admitted he was reconsidering the decision to leave. But when Luster asked him if the problems with Wade have been solved, Williams said, "No."

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