Rancho Santa Fe

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Beset by angry would-be golfers, the Rancho Santa Fe Assn. board of directors has lifted a moratorium on memberships in the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club.

The board had voted in March to limit the club to 500 regular and 100 limited members, effectively freezing out newcomers to the ranch or any residents who had not yet decided to join the club. Overnight, a waiting list formed.

The moratorium set off a debate about the legality and necessity of the move, which was meant to keep the fairways crisp and uncrowded.


Association manager Walt Ekard said Friday that a committee of golfers and non-golfers will be formed to study ways to keep the course up to par without limiting membership. A preliminary report is expected back in two months.

The moratorium had been requested by golf club directors. After the furor, the golf directors asked the association board to lift the moratorium, which it did unanimously Thursday.