Employees Reaffirm Story About Mills Package

Seven employees in Emery Worldwide Air Freight's Los Angeles office stood by their stories in depositions regarding a package, allegedly containing $1,000, that was sent to the father of Chris Mills, University of Kentucky basketball recruit.

"There was no recanting," Burl McCoy, a Lexington, Ky., attorney representing Emery, said in an interview with the Lexington Herald-Leader. "They all testified that the package came open during the sort, it was looked into and that there was a cassette and money in it."

It was reported in April that an Emery package sent by Dwane Casey, a Kentucky assistant basketball coach, to Claud Mills, father of the Fairfax High School basketball star, popped open while in transit March 31. When the package was examined in Emery's Los Angeles station, employees said, a videocassette and 50 $20 bills were found inside.

Casey has said he did not put $1,000 in the package, and Claud Mills has said the package did not contain the money when it was delivered to his home.

The National Collegiate Athletic Assn. and the university are investigating the incident. A payment to the Millses would violate NCAA rules.

The depositions were given here Monday and Tuesday.

The employees were asked whether they knew Casey or the Millses and whether they are UCLA fans. The question concerned the possibility of a conspiracy by boosters of the school to embarrass Kentucky.

"None of them knew Casey," McCoy said. "None of them knew the Millses. None were UCLA basketball fans."

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