A Neglected Genius

The wonderful article ("Arc of Triumph," June 13) on "Mr. Neon"--Sabah Toma of San Diego--mentioned that neon was patented in 1915. But, in the late 1890s, Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) demonstrated neon and fluorescent-type induction lamps. When is the U.S.A. going to give due and true honor to this neglected genius?

I have asked the Department of the Interior to name one of the unnamed mountain peaks on federal land in Alaska after Tesla. Times readers can write the Department of the Interior Geographic Place Names Division and also request that a "Mt. Tesla" be named.

The inventor of neon, fluorescent lighting, AC electric power transmission, AC electric motor and radio control (in 1898!) should have a lasting monument named after him. A mountain in Alaska would do just that!


La Canada Flintridge

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