Feldsteins on Supporting Bush

The column is a blatant appeal to the economic self-interests of the comparatively few well-off and assumes that voters, especially women, are mentally incompetent and lack a personal or social conscience.

We are to be blind to the ever-increasing number of homeless; the disregard for the law and Constitution in the Iran-Contra affair; the greed and corruption in the current military-industrial complex scam; the hypocrisy in the advice to "just say no" to drugs while deals are made with right-wing drug runners in foreign lands in the name of anti-communism; the fact that the highest law enforcement officer in the land, Atty. Gen. Ed Messe, has been forced to resign because of continuing evidence of unethical and incompetent conduct while in office, and the "bully boy" foreign policy which has resulted in the deaths of over 200 young men in Lebanon and the recent killing of 290 civilians in the Persian Gulf.

All this, while the country piles up huge budget and trade deficits indicating gross fiscal irresponsibility while Reagan, Bush, et al decry "Democratic liberals who spend money and raise taxes." So Bush has a plan to reduce the deficit! Where has he been during the 7-plus years of Reaganism? We can safely assume that if elected, he will continue to give us more of the same monumental incompetence and lawlessness while disclaiming any knowledge of it.

With regard to the statement that the conventional wisdom is that women are more concerned with social issues than men, I am one woman who believes that the gender gap represents the realization on the part of many women that if we are to put an end to this unconscionable behavior in public office and avoid catastrophe, it will be the common sense and conscience of women that will do it.



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