Hollywood : Construction Ban OKd

The City Council has approved an interim ordinance restricting new construction in Hollywoodland, a European village-style community in the hills below the famous Hollywood sign.

The restrictions, which affect such things as building heights, setbacks and roof configurations, will be in place for at least a year, until the Planning Department completes a specific plan to govern development in Hollywoodland. Proponents say the plan is necessary to maintain the architectural integrity of the historic community.

City planners say it will probably take at least six months before the specific plan is completed and another six months before the City Council approves it.

The interim ordinance, supported by the Hollywoodland Homeowners Assn., won the unanimous approval of the council's Planning and Environment Committee last month, despite opposition from would-be home builders and others in the community.

"We're very pleased, and we look forward to beginning the process of devising the plan with the entire community's input," said Christine O'Brien, association president.

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