Local News in Brief : Budget Cuts Restored

Inglewood school board members have restored about $800,000 in budget cuts made last month because administrators determined that the reductions were unworkable or based on faulty calculations.

At a meeting Monday, board members held off on eliminating the resulting shortfall, after adjustments, of about $600,000. Administrators recommended balancing the budget with money from the district's $1.2 million emergency reserve. However, such a move would have left the district with a reserve of about 1.6% of its total budget, less than the 3% emergency fund recommended by county and state education officials.

Board members balked at going below the 3% figure and asked administrators to study alternative measures in preparation for further budget sessions next month.

Board members have made about $3 million in cuts in the last several months, slashing personnel, including top administrators, and cutting supplies and programs. Some reductions made in hectic last-minute budget sessions have proved impossible and others would have crippled individual schools, administrators said Monday

A tentative balanced budget, which included the cuts restored by board members Monday, was submitted to county education officials in June. The final budget is due Sept. 14.

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