July 25, 1978--Los Angeles Rams owner Carroll Rosenbloom says the football team will move from Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to Anaheim Stadium in 1980.

July 26, 1978--The Rams’ move to Anaheim is tied to an agreement calling for developing 95 acres of stadium parking into a $200-million business complex, including high-rise offices and a parking garage.

Sept. 25, 1978--After marathon talks, Anaheim persuades the Rams to accept 90 acres of parking lot development instead of 95.

Aug. 14, 1981--To resolve environmental and traffic concerns, plans for the office and parking complex are reduced from about 12 buildings to four, and from 2.8 million square feet to 1.9 million square feet.

Aug. 8, 1983--The California Angels baseball team, the stadium’s other main tenant, files a $100-million lawsuit against the city, the Rams and a Boston developer, seeking to block a high-rise development.


Dec. 9, 1985--A non-jury trial begins before Superior Court Judge Frank D. Domenichini.

April 28, 1986--A poll commissioned by Angels officials shows that 61% of the Anaheim residents questioned support the ballclub in its suit against the city.

June 14, 1988--Domenichini issues a permanent injunction barring development without the Angels’ advance approval, effectively prohibiting the construction of high-rises on all but 20 acres of the lot.

June 14, 1988--Legal fees stemming from the dispute have cost the city $5 million to $7 million.

Aug. 2, 1988--Irving Azoff, a Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum official, reveals that Rams Vice President John Shaw has requested talks regarding a possible Rams return to the Coliseum.