Musselman Reportedly Has Agreed to Coach New NBA Team in Minnesota

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Associated Press

Bill Musselman, who has coached the Minnesota Gophers and several professional teams, has agreed to become the Minnesota Timberwolves’ first coach, according to a published report.

A “reliable source” has told the Star Tribune that Musselman will be named coach of the National Basketball Assn. expansion team as early as this week, the newspaper reported in a copyright story in Sunday’s editions.

The team will begin play in the 1989-90 season.

Musselman and Timberwolves President Bob Stein refused to confirm or deny reports of Musselman’s imminent hiring, the Star Tribune reported.


“The club has not released anything like that. It’s just speculation on (the Star Tribune’s) part,” Timberwolves spokesman Tim Bryant told the AP. “He’s one of the candidates. He’s a candidate that has been interviewed for the job.”