Local News in Brief : Santa Ana : Rancho Santiago Says Enrollment Is Up 2.5%

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Rancho Santiago College, a two-year institution with campuses in Santa Ana, Orange and Garden Grove, reported Tuesday that its fall enrollment is up 2.5% over the previous year.

“We’re growing, and we’re pleased about this,” said President-Chancellor Robert Jensen. “The interesting thing is that we’re seeing more students who are taking more courses. We believe this is a trend.”

Jensen said Rancho Santiago, which formerly was called Santa Ana College, has entered the second week of its fall semester with about 19,700 students, compared to about 19,200 for the same time a year ago. Jensen said the 2.5% increase in head count includes a 2% increase in full-load students--those taking 12 or more units a semester.


Jensen attributed the community college’s increase to a number of factors.

“Our first reason is that we worked hard at marketing,” Jensen said. “No. 2, I think people are starting to realize the economic benefits of getting an education and that community colleges make a very good quality buy versus the cost, and No. 3, I think the change in tuition has been beneficial.”

The state formerly charged a flat $50 fee to students taking six or more community college units. Now the law has been changed to allow students to take as many units as they please for $5 a unit; the total cost is not to exceed $50 no matter how many units they sign up for.