Tyson Told Wife of Suicide Plans, Newspaper Reports

Associated Press

Heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, who suffered a concussion and amnesia when he smashed his car into a tree, had told his wife that he was going to try to kill himself, the Daily News today quoted unidentified sources as saying.

The News, which published the information in a Page 1 article by columnist Mike McAlary, said the information came from “individuals with an intimate knowledge” of Tyson’s situation.

“I’m going to go out and kill myself,” Tyson is reported to have told his wife, actress Robin Givens. “I’m going to crash my car.”

And the News said Tyson reportedly told Givens in his hospital room: “I told you I’d do it. And as soon as I get out of here, I’ll do it again.”


A source close to Tyson told the Associated Press that the heavyweight champion had been “brooding all week” because his wife refused to be with him at his Upstate New York training site, instead choosing to “hang out with her fancy friends at the U.S. Open.”

The source, however, called any suicide comments just “idle threats” and said those close to Tyson believed he was simply “looking for a little attention” from his wife.

The New York Post today quoted Ruth Roper, Givens’ mother, as saying, “Mike did absolutely not try to kill himself.”

Tyson remains in Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center where he was taken Sunday after his car struck a tree at the upstate home of a friend.