$25 Million Awarded in N.Y. Slaying

United Press International

A state judge Monday granted a $25-million uncontested award against Robert Chambers to the family of the young woman he strangled.

State Supreme Court Justice Beatrice Shainswit said she would approve the award sought by the parents of Jennifer Levin, 18, on the drawing up of papers by both sides.

The Levins' attorney, Harry Lipsig, insisted that Chambers' lawyer, Brian O'Dwyer, agree to wording in the order that Chambers' actions in Levin's death were "wanton, willful and criminal."

The award was based on a July 22 suit claiming $4 million for a wrongful death, $1 million for assault and $20 million in punitive damages.

O'Dwyer said after the court session that the wording of the court order assured that the penalty could not be avoided through bankruptcy, because one cannot escape payments on a "willful" action.

Chambers, in a plea bargain, admitted March 25 to first-degree manslaughter in Levin's strangulation in Central Park on Aug. 26, 1986. He is serving 5 to 15 years at Great Meadows Correctional facility in Comstock, N. Y.

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