Dukakis Raps Bush as Enemy of Social Security, Medicare

Associated Press

Democrat Michael S. Dukakis, appealing to "mainstream Americans," assailed George Bush today as an enemy of Social Security and Medicare who might cut both programs.

The Democratic presidential nominee traveled to the city that has become a symbol of middle America to combat his Republican rival's suggestion that he is outside the nation's mainstream.

"If you want to see the difference between George Bush and me on the things that concern mainstream America, look at where we stand on Social Security and Medicare," Dukakis told a rally outside Peoria's City Hall.

He said that Bush had called the Medicare health plan "socialized medicine" while running for the Senate years ago, and that in 1980, while a presidential candidate, Bush called Social Security "basically a welfare program."

"When it comes to Social Security and George Bush, don't read his lips, read his record," Dukakis said in a remark that turned around Bush's "read my lips" declaration that he would not raise taxes.

"He was wrong then and he's wrong now," the Democrat said.

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