Hey, That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles

Those who are voicing criticism over the firing of Cookie Rojas are forgetting the following mistakes the rookie manager made:

--He injured Devon White, Kirk McCaskill, Mark McLemore, Dan Petry and Bryan Harvey, causing each of them to spend significant time on the disabled list.

--He allowed Mike Witt to become a .500 pitcher, instructed Willie Fraser to allow more than 30 home runs, demanded that Chili Davis forget how to play right field and ordered Wally Joyner's home run total to drop by more than 50%.

--He required every starting pitcher on the club to have an earned-run average of at least 4 and, in some cases, 6.

In retrospect, he's lucky that the vigilant and all-knowing Mike Port didn't fire him before he replaced Gene Mauch during spring training.


Hermosa Beach

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