I'm a California young person--not a teen-ager, but hey! Still young enough to know what's cool, and a lot of your "Slanged, Dissed and Dogged" article was not. A lot was extremely uncool.

Oh yes, telling young kids all the cool, hip slang should include how to talk like a gang member. Example: blood killer, East Coast Crips (come on, kids, join up when on the East Coast!). Don't worry, if we're lucky, next week's issue will include, all the druggie terms ( shoot up , toasted , Snow White , speed-ball express ) and maybe the slang terms to make a deal or kill off a bum dealer--why not! You already told 'em how to say gang prostitution chicks.

Come on, folks. Gangs are violent and a very big problem. I think you've acted very irresponsibly. At least surfer, skater and new ro jargon isn't violent.


Los Angeles

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