Puzzled by Silence of Leader for Citizen's Group in San Gabriel

Even though the Citizens for Responsible Development leadership group has changed since the election, their No. 1 leader and primary spokesman, Gregory O'Sullivan, is still active. But why has Gregory O'Sullivan, from a leadership standpoint, not seen fit to decry the unacceptable conduct of new Councilman Frank Blaszcak, a person whom he vigorously supported for election, a person who in the five months since his election has repeatedly abused his elected post and embarrassed the city of San Gabriel, so much that Blaszcak is now the subject of a voter recall. Where is Gregory O'Sullivan's zeal for open, honest and communicative government? Were those issues only for the benefit of getting his candidates elected?

It appears Gregory O'Sullivan has been sitting on the sidelines. In effect he has cheered the turmoil by supporting the conduct of Frank Blaszcak. If any former council members had acted as Blaszcak has acted, Gregory O'Sullivan would have demanded an apology, a resignation, or threatened a recall. But he has not demanded the same treatment for Frank Blaszcak!

It is obvious that Gregory O'Sullivan is using a double standard. By supporting Blaszcak's behavior, he has abandoned his avowed quest for excellence in city government. O'Sullivan has threatened John Tapp with a recall, while supporting Blaszcak. What bizarre behavior!

Or is there a connection between Gregory O'Sullivan's support of Blaszcak and his (O'Sullivan's) continuing attempt to control the San Gabriel City Council, and Blaszcak's repeated recent attempts to schedule a special council personnel meeting? Could it be that Blaszcak is trying to get three council votes to fire the city administrator, Bob Clute, before it is time to choose the new fire chief, so that a new hand-picked interim city administrator could recommend a new fire chief who might favor putting the San Gabriel Fire Department under Los Angeles County, as is now being proposed in Monterey Park and has been advocated by Gregory O'Sullivan for several years! It does cause one to wonder!


San Gabriel

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