Oil Drilling Controversy

We've been inundated by commercials for Proposition P. Occidental Petroleum proponents have shockingly misrepresented their case, verbally and visually.

First, they label their oil drilling project the "Palisades Inland Energy Project," with emphasis on the Inland . To buttress that falsehood, they use every trick in the television bag. They never allow the camera to show the beach, which is right across Pacific Coast Highway from their project. Very skillful. Nor do they, of course, show the ocean. Second, they use two powerful emotional appeals: money for education, and money for police protection. What they don't talk about is the way this project would destroy our priceless shoreline heritage for a relatively small amount of oil.

Voters ought to remember the recent oil well fire near Fillmore, and the burst Mobil pipeline that flooded Ventura Boulevard with oil, and vote no on Proposition P.


Pacific Palisades

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