Raid on Church Underscores Intrusiveness of INS Actions

Most mornings I pass Chapman Avenue and Hewes Street on my way to La Purisima Catholic Church, so I have witnessed several sweeps by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

It seems to me that the methods used to rid the streets of this "dangerous" criminal are not working. The INS and police, when chasing the men, drive irrationally, making U-turns in the middle of the block, pulling to the curb through morning traffic, stopping quickly and throwing open car doors. I don't think it will be worth an injury or, God forbid, a death, to free our streets of the dayworker!

By the way, in case the INS hasn't noticed, these same men are still there the next day waiting for a job--jobs not wanted by "legals."

Perhaps a better plan would be to pursue the people doing the "hiring" who take advantage of these men (not paying them), and let these men do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.


Santa Ana

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