Aliens Not to Blame

I was disgusted by Mr. Medall's letter in The Times (Sept. 11). I am a citizen of Carlsbad and walk down Poinsettia and along Ponto. The amount of trash that is thrown out of cars and just tossed everywhere is appalling to me. I have seen the people that sleep in cars and park along the beach in this area, and they are not "aliens."

Mr. Medall should take a walk anywhere or look out along any highway, and I am sure he will find trash everywhere. Why Mr. Medall concluded that the trash along our streets is the fault of the "illegal aliens" is beyond me. Why doesn't he strike out at the real perpetrators, the Americans?

In my walks in this area it has been a constant annoyance to me that dog owners (not illegal aliens) feel free to let their dogs defecate not only on sidewalks but anywhere they please. A few owners carry bags but the majority do not. I have never seen humans behave in this manner. If you are so concerned about sanitary conditions, why don't you go after the real culprits--the dog owners? There are laws on the books regarding this, but our proud dog owners just ignore them and are not prosecuted.

"Illegal aliens" would not be standing on the street corners if there weren't Americans who were willing to hire them for their cheap labor. If you are so concerned about where they sleep, why don't you contact some of the people who exploit them? It would be nice if only the number of aliens would stand on a street corner that were needed on a given day.

Come on, Mr. Medall, don't take your prejudice out on the poor aliens for much of our own ills. We are willing to exploit them and then condemn them.



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