CAMPAIGN ’88 : War on World Poverty

<i> United Press International </i>

More than three dozen Republican lawmakers Tuesday urged Bush to endorse a plan for attacking the worst aspects of poverty worldwide.

The Global Poverty Reduction Act, is strongly backed by 46 major volunteer agencies, most strenuously by the anti-hunger lobby Results, as well as 215 members of Congress and Bush’s Democratic foe, Massachusetts Gov. Michael S. Dukakis.

In a letter to Bush, the 37 Republican lawmakers, led by Sen. Rudy Boschwitz of Minnesota and Rep. John R. Miller of Washington, said the proposed legislation would establish “clear, measurable goals for development assistance” and go “directly to the concern” of many Americans that much U.S. foreign aid money is wasted.

Bush has said little during the campaign about world poverty and hunger, other than: “I strongly agree on the need to do all we can to alleviate hunger around the world. We must dedicate ourselves to addressing this pressing problem.”


The bill would require the next President to establish a specific plan for the $2.7 billion in U.S. development assistance to contribute measurably to elimination of the worst aspects of absolute poverty by the year 2000.