Vice Presidential Candidates Bentsen and Quayle Debate

The behavior of the largely Democratic audience was rude and uncalled for (laughing in derision at Quayle's remarks), including Lloyd Bentsen's sarcastic smiles.

If Quayle gained 10 years while campaigning, he must have aged another 10 during the debate.

Bentsen has class, wisdom, and maturity, but his remark about Quayle and President Kennedy was downright unnecessary. Quayle was not claiming to be Kennedy, he was simply comparing the amount of political experience between them.

I have not been particularly a Quayle person, but putting him through the meat grinder has not endeared me to the Democratic side.

It is no wonder that we cannot entice our talented leaders (we have them) to run for President when we vilify, degrade, and subject them to such garbage.

In a mediocre election, the debate helped me decide which way to vote--the Republicans have it!



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