ELECTIONS ’88 ORANGE COUNTY : Communication a Top Issue in Magnolia District

Times Staff Writer

Money and communication are among the issues raised by school board candidates in the Magnolia School District.

Four candidates are running for two seats in the Nov. 8 election. Incumbent Louise DiMarco is not seeking reelection, but Ruth W. Good, who was appointed to fill a vacancy on the board about 14 months ago, is running for a full, four-year term.

Magnolia, an elementary school district, has nine schools in the west Anaheim and Stanton area. Current enrollment is 4,475 students.

In this low-key race, the candidates generally are discussing the major problem of state funding shortfalls. But an unusual issue is that better lines of communication are needed in the school district.


Joyce Gill, 37, a small business owner, said: “I would like to see the lines of communication more clearly open between the key parties involved in our children’s education. We need more communication between the parents, teachers, administration and board members.”

Ernest (Ernie) Rodriguez, 35, a sales-marketing director, similarly said he wants to promote better communication “between parents, administration, teachers and school personnel.”

Barbara J. Clendineng, 40, a school aide, deplored what she called a “lack of parent representation on the board” and a “decrease in the visibility of board members at the schools.”

Good, 58, said the district’s primary problem is “not enough money” for all the educational programs the district wants to offer. She said she will look for ways that business and community members might help the district with its budget problems. Still, she said, “our district does exceptionally well with what we have.”


But Clendineng deplored what she called “proposed cuts in necessary programs,” and Rodriguez said he would lobby state legislators to get “equalization of funds so that all districts receive fair and equal funding.”


Four candidates, including an appointed incumbent, are running for two seats on the Magnolia (Elementary) School District Board in the Nov. 8 election.