Organizer Hopes Hall Will Be Opened by the End of the Year

Glenn Sundby didn’t know how prophetic his words of 4 months ago would be.

“The biggest thing that happened to us was Olga,” he said.

“Us” referred to gymnastics, “Olga” to Soviet Olga Korbut, the first gymnast inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in a short ceremony Wednesday afternoon.

The Gymnastics Hall of Fame has yet to have its official opening, but a dedication in September 1987 was attended by representatives of the United States Gymnastics Federation.


Sundby is the hall’s president and director and has published gymnastics magazines for 32 years. With his background, Sundby said he felt he would be the logical person to start something to pay tribute to American and international gymnastics.

“No one’s ever done it, and they have halls for everything else,” Sundby said. “Because of our magazines, we felt we had the most complete archives to start this.”

Sundby said he hopes to open the building at 225 Brooks by the end of the year. Included will be tributes to international and American gymnasts, a library and rooms for seminars, and video and instructional tapes.