Bistro Gardens on Ventura Boulevard

So now they are at it again. Mrs. Elmassian and her Bistro Bashers.

I am a member of MADD and do not drink alcohol, not because of any political or religious reason but purely by personal choice. I am active in the community and am a member of the Studio City Chamber of Commerce. I do not understand Mrs. Elmassian's hate campaign against the Piken Project. The lady bought her property when there was a restaurant with a liquor license in the same spot where the Bistro Gardens will be. And the clientele of the Tail O' the Cock was not quite the same caliber as the clientele that the Bistro Garden will be attracting.

Mrs. Elmassian is claiming that the prospective customers of the Bistro Garden will be urinating on her lawn. I would call that mudslinging and her claim, if made to a specific person, would be slander. So how is it possible that she can make these preposterous claims and people at the ABC Board are taking her seriously?

The owners of the Bistro Garden have agreed to have the officials from the ABC Board come and check their adherence to the regulations every two years. That wasn't enough for the Sherman Oaks homeowner group and Mrs. Elmassian. I hope the officials will note that the Studio City Residents Assn. is in full support of the Bistro Garden. Since the project is located in Studio City, that should suffice. Isn't this entire farce getting a little out of hand and reminiscent of a witch hunt? Did anybody ever ask Mrs. Elmassian what she would like to see at the former Tail O' the Cock site? How about a K mart? Would that make her happy?


Studio City

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