Roman Catholic Memorial Rites

About 30 of us attended the memorial ceremony at Holy Sepulcher cemetery in Orange on Oct. 2. The ceremony was led by Roman Catholic Bishop Norman F. McFarland on behalf of all the unborn babies killed by abortion by American women since 1973.

The bishop blessed a headstone over an empty grave. The inscription on the headstone read: "dedicated to millions of God's children deprived of the gift of life." Unfortunately, one headstone cannot and did not have inscribed any names of the aborted babies, their identity being known only to God.

In 1985 I was in attendance at a funeral and memorial service at the Oddfellows Cemetery in Los Angeles where over 16,000 of these little babies were buried in three graves, each grave holding two caskets. I could not but wonder then as I do now at the cruelty of American women who can love and stroke a cat or a dog but hate their own flesh and blood. How can these women face God someday as we all must and argue that they had a "right to kill"?

Gov. Michael S. Dukakis asked Vice President George Bush in their recent debate whether women were criminals for having abortions. Of course they are and they should go to jail or to the electric chair. They should be tried for first-degree murder. How any women would have abortions if they knew they could be tried for murder? Abortion is the only type of homicide that is not prosecuted. Where is justice in the law?


Garden Grove

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