‘Clean Slate’ Urged for Fall Ballot : Sierra Club Chapter Reveals Preferences

The local chapter of the Sierra Club announced its endorsements Saturday in the upcoming elections, placing its choices under an umbrella banner titled “Clean Vote ’88 Slate.”

Urging voters to opt for “clean air, clean water, clean government and a high quality of life,” Ron Ottinger, chairman of the club’s Committee on Political Education, revealed the group’s endorsements of selected candidates and issues for the Nov. 8 ballot.

He also said many of the chapter’s 13,000 members will canvass area shopping centers and major public events to distribute copies of the club’s ballot.

The endorsements include:


Democratic Lt. Gov. Leo McCarthy for the U.S. Senate.

Democratic incumbent Rep. Jim Bates for Congress.

Democratic incumbent state Assemblywoman Lucy Killea.

Evonne Schulze for the San Diego Community College Board of Trustees.


Incumbent Bob Emery for Poway City Council.

Melba Bishop for the Oceanside City Council.

Margaret Welsh for the South Bay Irrigation District.

Yes on state Proposition 97, which would revive the CAL/OSHA program.

Yes on state Proposition 99, which would increase cigarette taxes.

Yes on Proposition E, which calls for district elections to the San Diego City Council.

Yes on Proposition J, the San Diego quality-of-life initiative.

Yes on Proposition FF in Poway, the growth-control initiative that calls for voter approval on population density increases.