Bush's 'Thousand Points of Light'

Congratulations to The Times for calling attention to the importance of youth service. Los Angeles now has the largest school-based voluntary student program in the nation. Participants range from former gang members to student body presidents, representing our city's ethnic and socioeconomic diversity. Youth Community Service, a joint program of the Constitutional Rights Foundation and the Los Angeles Unified School District, currently engages thousands of high school youth in feeding the homeless, visiting the elderly, assisting in latchkey programs, and tutoring youth of all ages. Over 700 dedicated students within 22 schools have an opportunity to develop their leadership abilities.

Youth Community Service builds significant bonds between the community and young people. Students experience the value of serving, and integrate the concept of philanthropy into who they are as contributing citizens. It is our belief that every young person should be afforded this opportunity while still in school. We stand ready to help the next President of the United States implement service for youth throughout the nation.


Executive Director

Constitutional Rights Foundation

Los Angeles

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