Haiti Says It Foiled Coup Attempt

Associated Press

The military government said Monday that it has foiled an attempted coup by two military officers against President Prosper Avril.

Radio Soleil said “several soldiers were wounded” and 30 soldiers were arrested in the uprising early Sunday, but gave no further details.

Government spokesman Frantz Lubin said the attempt was led by Sgt. Patrick F. Bochard, who headed a government lottery, and former Col. Samuel Jeremie, who escaped from prison after the Sept. 17 “sergeants’ coup” that put Avril in power. “Certain other officers have been discharged,” Lubin said. “They had maneuvered to stage a coup against the military government.”

Just last month, rank-and-file soldiers led by noncommissioned officers ousted military strongman Henri Namphy and installed Avril as president.