With Montana Ailing, 49ers Sign Santos

Associated Press

The San Francisco 49ers took out a little insurance on quarterback Joe Montana on Monday, signing former NCAA Division I career record-holder Todd Santos.

Montana, who led the 49ers to a 24-21 victory over the Rams Sunday, has bruised ribs and a right elbow injury, and is listed as probable for next Monday night’s game against the Chicago Bears.

Montana said Monday that the elbow injury first manifested about a week and a half ago.

“They took X-rays of the elbow, but the bones seem to be all right,’ Montana said. “The only way I can explain (the pain) is it’s like raw skin being drawn over a piece of wood that has a lot of splinters on it. After throwing a ball, I get a burning sensation in the elbow area.


“So far, it hasn’t affected my throwing strength.”

With John Paye on injured reserve and only Steve Young on the active roster, the 49ers signed Santos, a 10th-round draft pick of the New Orleans Saints this year.

Santos, waived by the Saints in the exhibition season, passed for 11,823 yards at San Diego State.