Regarding the article "Trapped in the Twilight Zone," by Stephen Farber and Marc Green (Aug. 28): It is hard to believe the irresponsibility of a director and main crew who led three innocent people to their deaths in order to capture a more exciting camera shot.

I am a motion picture and television industry safety consultant with a master's from the University of Southern California in environmental safety. I find that the movie industry does not take the necessary precautions because agencies such as OSHA do not want to enforce the regulations. They are fearful of the big moguls.

Regulations are violated daily because the screenplays demand more intense screen action, and usually the production crew members do not have any background on safety and emergency procedures. The dollars are not enough to cover the additional considerations.

Unfortunately, we will all be waiting for the next accident to happen. I just hope the responsible ones will be caught by the law and trapped in the Twilight Zone.


Los Angeles

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