AIDS and Privacy: Replies to the Dornan and Bennett Letters

Re letters from Mrs. Sallie Dornan and Brian Bennett (Oct. 16):

Friends, neighbors and voters of the 38th Congressional District, lend me your ears; I have a story to tell of a most honorable man. Our Congressman Robert K. Dornan has voted to cut taxes for the rich and has cut tax breaks for the middle class.

When his wife announced that her brother had AIDS, Bob Dornan asked in the interest of family privacy that his name not be revealed. Yet Dornan has endorsed initiatives and legislation that would deny those same rights to thousands of Californians and their families. This is truly an honorable man.

Our congressman had claimed to have donated money to an AIDS hospice, but when challenged that he had not made any donations, Bob Dornan now claims that he plans to donate to an out-of-state hospice. Of course Bob, we trust you, you're an honorable man.

When asked to debate his opponent, our congressman declined, "on principle." What principle, we may ask? Could it be the principle that elected officials need not answer charges that they have failed to represent their districts, could it be that our congressman believes he need not answer for his actions in office or could it be that Bob Dornan thinks the voters of his district will believe anything he tells them?

Of such an honorable man we must ask: When does the phony cloud of honor clear? When does honest, responsible, intelligent and accountable leadership begin?


Garden Grove

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