Proposal for Topless Dance Club in Fullerton

Oh great! My fair city of Fullerton, who wisely ran out Circus Maximus, and finally the "adult" bookstore on Harbor Boulevard, now has another purveyor of "adult" entertainment ready to set up shop. A John Morrison and his Thoroughbred Inc. of Beverly Hills has determined that Fullerton needs a cabaret-style club (which is a mixed-company description of topless women dancers on stage.)

You may vaguely recall Morrison was the major owner of the late Mustang Theater in Santa Ana, which was the focus of legal fights and police problems until someone burnt it down. Well, now Fullerton has captured his ambitious profit-minded attention and he has applied to locate his "business" on the corner of State College and Orangethorpe Avenue. At a meeting of the Fullerton Planning Commission last Sept. 28, his attorney assured those present that these shows would feature "tasteful topless" dancing.

Tasteful topless? I find the whole idea lacking any taste whatever for what Fullerton is all about. My biggest fear is that Morrison (80% owner), Kaplan (5% owner), and Mr. Unnamed (15% owner), are so experienced at pushing themselves upon a community legally, regardless of the residents' standards, that they will bulldoze on in.

The Fullerton Planning Commission approved their request. Fortunately some concerned citizens requested an appeal and the matter will go before our elected City Council Nov. 15. I hope we Fullerton residents are up to repelling these folks. I hope our citizens will let the officials know that this sort of enterprise is not part of our community spirit and the commerce it brings is unwelcome. The men and women presently running for City Council should be asked how they will deal with this matter right now, for our past experiences in this town suggest that these things are better to prevent than try to get rid of.



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