Pool Closed--Except to Dolphins

From Reuters

A Cairo hotel is looking for a new home for two dolphins abandoned in its swimming pool for the last six months.

“Nimo and Leo have no place to go to, and their stay in the pool has cost us about 100,000 pounds ($43,000) in lost business during the summer,” Meridien Hotel Manager Edouard Speck told a reporter.

The dolphins and a sea lion gave daily shows, the first of their kind in the Middle East, from last November to April. But Speck said their Swiss owner disappeared after the last show.

The sea lion was transferred to the Cairo Zoo by a judge’s order, Speck said. But the zoo has no pool suitable for the two dolphins, so they were kept in the main hotel pool, making it off limits for guests.


The big mammals eat 44 pounds of sardines a day.